Teatime with Naomi

Too much excitement leads to procrastination

So excited for Japan I can’t even concentrate on university work right now which is pretty bad!!


JET Programme Vlog #1: I Got in!!

Hey guys! So this is my new youtube video!! Please check it out :) 

obsessed with daisies. 
Lets go north! 

Moving to Japan

Its is my ABSOLUTE Pleasure to say I got a Job with JET and will be moving to Japan come August! I really can’t believe how lucky I am! I’m so scared I’m going to wake up and find out its all been an amazing dream! With graduation coming up, this is just all so amazing! 

Had such a weird lazy day today! Was late for class, late to bed! 
 Obsessed with this book though, going to re-read it! 
I took an amazing online quit about what your daemon would be and my result was I have an open soul and my daemon would be one of the follow: a songbird, dove, swan, domestic cat or a border collie. 
Here’s the quiz: 

Let me know what you get I’m interested!! Also addicted to the disco zoo app haha

Nos da ☆

Feeling super lazy today omfg

There are some people in this world who just don’t know how to be a good parent. 

Yesterday’s study session! Japanese religions is really amazing but so much work bleeeeh